Why Do We Still Shoot Film ?

21 August 2016
Film has such a classic timeless feel
that we just don’t get with digital,
its RAW, organic and imperfect.
when we shoot digital, we spend most of our time to make it looks like film.
So why not just shoot film?
Film makes our work unique in todays digital world. We love photography &
we LOVE film
It’s like a painter who loves his brush,
or a violinist who finds great meaning in one particular instrument.
The camera is exactly the right instrument for our work.
That’s who we are
With this, we can make the expressions of what we want.
we love the format, the size.
we also love the independence of the technology,
and how it determines contrasts
and appearance with unrealistic colours.
It doesn’t allow for any perfectly predefinable result.
But the unpredictabilities and mishaps that it causes,
those are exactly what we love about it.
But we are very free about the things that we use.
we have no prejudice.
we can use other cameras as well.
It depends on what we want to do.
Film is imperfect, just like human nature, which makes them beautiful.